America and Throwing Up the Rock ‘n Roll Sign


Ahhhhmerica – land of the free sample and home of the fat kid. The fourth of July always serves as the best reminder of the values this country was founded on: Bud Light, grilling, croakies, and blowing shit up. I love America; the country that allows Kim Kardashian to legally name her daughter North West and plays full day marathons of Rock of Love on VH1. It’s just the best place on earth. Where else can you get a cronut and an all you can eat pancake breakfast? A Baconator? Henry the Dominos delivery guy? Beer drinking helmets? This guy:

This country lets you openly express yourself in any which way, and I’ve chosen to do so by throwing up the rock ‘n roll sign any chance I get. It’s such a great symbol to throw out. Peace signs and middle fingers are so out. And sticking your tongue out is way less cliche than the duck face.


I feel like it must go hand in hand with my new found glory of wearing t shirts and painting my nails blue. Also, I’ve been really into crop tops lately, which I suppose are a class of t shirt so I’m still considering myself heavily into my glam rockstar stage, just now featuring my belly button.


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