About a Rose


Photo cred: Alex Pierson Stylist: Classy Grandma

I’m just going to throw this out there – I had no idea what to call this blog. I had an idea, but then I found out that its origin was historically racist. Thank god my dad grew up around bigots and clued me in before I started unknowingly advocating the cause of some crazy church. It’s like how no one knew that “the rule of thumb” meant that a man could beat his wife so long as the stick was thinner than his thumb until the fat meat lady explained it in the beginning of the Boondock Saints.

Anyway for some reason I came across this Shakespeare quote somewhere today and I’m pretty sure “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” doesn’t translate into me getting death threats in my email. It’s also surprisingly fitting since my blog by any other name would still be as funny. So who am I? I’m 23, I graduated college a year ago, and I still live in the same room my daddy used to read me bed time stories in. It sounds depressing I know, but I’ve recently discovered something very important about myself – I can do anything. I’m 23 with the world at my feet and just like my pal Ralph Waldo Emerson says “the world is all gates, all opportunities…” Which is true so long as you have the capital… Which I don’t… But I do have a lovely shoe collection…

The theme of my blog is really just as scattered as my post grad life. There isn’t really one direction I want to take. I like a lot of things enough to be into them, but not nearly enough to devote myself to just one. It’s like I’ve branched out from only over packing my suit case. I suppose if I had to sum it up the theme would be: things I think are ridiculous or silly and therefore deem deserving of some face time with the good old inter-web.

So here goes, I hope you get a kick out of reading me being a nut case online.

Ily max


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